Premium Nutrition Center

Helping you live a happy, healthy life by providing excellent care

Professional Nutrition Center

Your body needs a wide variety of nutrients and minerals to function properly. Our Nutrition Department is a convenient stop on the way home to seek advice on nutritional needs and find ways to supplement a balanced diet. Our team can help with a variety of symptoms caused by nutritional deficits, including (but not limited to):

• Inflammation • Fatigue • Slow Metabolism • Low Energy • Frequent Headaches • Brain Fog • Trouble Sleeping • Nausea • Poor Appetite • Weight Gain •

Living a happy, healthy life starts with proper nutrition. At Sandpoint Super Drug’s Nutrition Department, you’ll find a skilled team of consultants who are committed to your family’s health.

Balance Your Diet

We believe in food first. Many nutrient deficiencies can be helped with a well-balanced diet including healthy fats, fruits and vegetables, and plenty of hydration.

Improve Digestion

Nutrition often requires improving gut health. We offer a wide variety of probiotic supplements and nutrients to repair and enhance gut health.

Foundation Nutrition

A balanced diet won’t fix all nutrient deficiencies so our nutritionists will address any core foundational deficiencies.

Targeted Imbalances

Oftentimes, poor sleep, moodiness, and other issues can be caused by an imbalance in nutrients. Our nutritionists can target imbalances to improve your overall health.

Raw, Pure Ingredients

Our manufacturers do not use over-processed chemicals. Instead, they use premium bioavailable ingredients and raw forms of vegetables, and minerals.

Quality Products

We source products that have been manufactured to the highest standards of purity and stringently tested to third-party assurance standards.

Effective Formulas

Our nutritional supplements are formulated to optimal levels so the body can fully absorb these key nutrients and minerals.

Proven Success

All of our products go through strict clinical testing trials to test the potency and are validated with thorough research.

Local Expertise

Now accepting walk-ins and appointments! Come see our nutrition and dietary experts today!

Meet with our nutrition and dietary experts to discuss your individual needs and receive expert advice. At Sandpoint Super Drug, we only stock high-quality products. Our products are clinically tested, made with natural ingredients, and held to stringent third-party standards.

We stock a wide assortment of supplements by professional-grade manufacturers. Throughout the year, we update our selection to meet the annual and seasonal needs of the greater Sandpoint community.