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Whether you’re shopping for your home, pets, or gifts for friends and family - we have it all!

Essentials for Your Home

Find essentials for your home and gifts for friends, family, and pets at Sandpoint Super Drug and Ace Hardware. We carry a selection of kitchen supplies, home furnishings, decor, pet toys and accessories, and gifts.

If you need something specific, our team will happily order the item and quickly ship it to our stores. Once it arrives, we will call you to pick it up.

Looking for the perfect last-minute gift? We have it all. Visit Sandpoint Super Drug today!

Home Furnishings

Shop decorations, kitchen items, bathroom supplies, and other important household items.

Pet Supplies

Find a selection of pet supplements, dog and cat toys, accessories and supplies, and much more!


At Sandpoint Super Drug, you’ll find great gifts to brighten friends and loved one’s days at Sandpoint Super Drug.

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