I consider nutrition fundamental to health. Diet, exercise and attitude go hand-in-hand with this. Here is a list of the core supplements I regard as essential.

Optimal health starts with the gut, so first on my list are probiotics. The intestinal tract contains trillions of bacteria that digest food, produce vitamins, and regulate our immune system. Sugars, alcohol, oxidative stress, infection, chronic inflammation, brain injury, sterilized food and toxins can alter the balance between good and bad bugs. Beneficial bacteria, called probiotics, must be taken to restore the balance in our digestive system.

Second on my list is Vitamin D. Cells all over our body use this hormone to communicate with each other, sending messages that regulate and control genes. It helps our body fight infections and maintain healthy muscle action. It’s used in brain development and for healthy lungs. Adding Vitamin K increases the effectiveness of Vitamin D.

A multivitamin, consisting of four to six capsules, is next on my agenda. Food is often lacking vital nutrients because it is processed, grown in depleted soil, transported and stored, and hybridized from different genetic species. Our body also has demands for extra nutrients due to chronic stress and the toxic environment. I feel we need to supplement these needed vitamins and minerals at clinically effective dosages and in the right form. Some will need to consider extra calcium and magnesium, or additional B vitamins.

Lastly, I consider Omega3’s important to optimize well-being. DHA and EPA, found in Omega3’s, are called “essential” because they impact every biological process in our body, but we can’t produce enough on our own. They are vital for brain function, as well as to support our cardiovascular system and blood sugar metabolism. They are important for optimal eyesight, healthy skin and connective tissue. Fish oils are shown to battle inflammation and enhance our immune system. We can get our  Omega3’s from fish, but we often don’t eat enough. Due to the increase of heavy metals and PCBs, I look for a high quality fish oil that clearly states it is in triglyceride form and has no detectable toxins.